Top 5 reasons to stock Wooderful Life

Fun interactive displays – Mesmerising for consumers of all ages, Wooderful Life music boxes are sure to catch the attention of children and adults alike. We’ve seen customers from 8-year olds to 80-year olds stop to check out these stunning musical boxes.

The stunning music boxes provide your store with a livelier ambiance with moving products and soothing melodies. The interactive displays are sure to add an element of fun and give your customers a chance to examine the music boxes before they make a purchase.

They make perfect gifts for all age groups – A beautiful addition to any home, this product can be purchased for a wide range of consumers and make perfect gifts for all occasions. Best of all, they have great sentimental value for a variety of people.

This means that stocking our music boxes will attract a wide range of customers to your store, where they will be likely to purchase other items too.

Fresh designs and displays all year round – Wooderful Life music boxes come in an amazing range – from animals, fantasy themes such as the Nutcracker, to dazzling cities such as London and Paris. There are even music boxes catered specifically for major events, such as baby showers, Christmas and birthdays.

New design themes also mean that you’ll always have a fresh display with our best products all year round. This will help draw in new customers on a regular basis.

Unique products that are home to only a handful of stockists – We carefully select the stockists that we supply to. This means that Wooderful Life products will remain special as they will only be found in a handful of selected stores, ensuring that your stocked music boxes will remain a rare and unique find, keeping that quaint handmade quality.

Promotion and support on Facebook – We value all our stockists and will be with you every step of the way. This includes regular marketing and promotions on social media, where we market our products to grow engagement and reach. We also provide unlimited support on Facebook and via phone, where we are always one call or message away if you ever have any questions.